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FlexPay is Nigeria's no.1 e-payment online solution that is fast, safe and convenient for use on websites, portals, mobile and other platforms.

We built every single aspect of the payment platform (dashboard, transactions, support/tickets, cashouts, api, contacts) and so on based on the customer's specifications and requirements.

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MyAkada is an educational platform designed to help Nigerian students study and learn faster by providing subjects and topics of interest in the areas most important.

We built the complete platform and custom specific aspects of the website (subjects, topics, settings, dashboard and so on).

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Ofada Hut

Ofada Hut is a leading restaurant brand located in the heart of Lagos city at Awolowo Road, Ikoyi. The eatery provides quality, healthy meals that keeps customers coming for more.

We created the website by observing their brand and also provided an ordering/booking system for customers to enable them to be able to order directly from the website.

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Ladipo Market

Ladipo Market is Nigeria's biggest hub for auto spare parts. The website we created enables individuals from all over Nigeria and West Africa buy goods and services only using the website.

The website also provides options for allowing vendors and mechanics to list their services for free and an option for them to advertise special promos on the website for a fee.

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HampersNG is an e-commerce website that offers Nigerians options of buying and packaging hampers during the festive season. The website's major selling promise is that it gives its customers the ability to build custom hampers of their own choice and easily make payment for it online.

The website also comes with a backend that enables the site owners to manage orders made real time and track all payments for goods and services.

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Baby Bargain is a simple e-commerce website that offers Moms all across Nigeria the ability to buy baby accessories online easily.

The website also provides an easy way for users to sign up for subscriptions and also get the latest updates on baby accessories that are available per time.

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Wanneka is a powerful and popular hair brand website that provides ladies with access to virgin hair, closures, wigs, braids and so on.

The website also provides a means for customers to easily pay for hairs ordered using their bank debit/credit cards. After which their order is delivered to them directly.

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Next 2 New Bridal

Next 2 New Bridal is a one-stop online shopping website where brides can rent or buy fairly used wedding gowns at rock bottom prices.

New customers can also register on the site to upload their wedding gowns for rent or sale. The site comes with a fully feautured e-commerce functionality to make it easy for users to do what they need to.

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Micos Chicken & Waffles

Micos Chicken and Waffles is an online ecommerce website that provides customers a way to buy their favourite waffles and chicken online.

The Micos brand has existed long before now, what we have done is to find a way to make it accessible to their customers, so that they can easily buy without needing to come over to the restaurant.

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Omowunmi Makeover

Omowunmi Makeover is a makeover brand & outfit that specializes in making up women for various occasions and events. They also provide renting services for bridal gowns.

The website comes equipped with a blog and gallery section where the client can showcase an array of her works and gowns for rent.

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NIPSE (National Intellectual Property Summit Exhibition) is a vision geared towards protecting ideas and intellectual property such that society benefits the right way.

The website was built to adapt to mobile, desktop and tablet with a special emphasis on the brand colours and other associated imagery.

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Sag Orume

The SAG ORUME Brand Consortium, is an eponymous brand building, management and creative marketing communications company focused on providing unique branding solutions for companies.

The website had specific features where the client was able to showcase their works and clientele over the years.

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Intercontinental Paint

Intercontinental Paint Limited is a company based in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. The company makes the best brands of paints, screedite, textured and matt combinations for building projects.

The website provides a unique way for the company to engage its various clients with pictures, products and a ton of other features on its site.

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Anietie Bature

Anietie Bature, fondly called Annie is a contemporary Gospirational Artist, Song Writer, Insightful Blogger and Keynote Speaker, dedicated to extending the frontiers of the Gospel of Christ to the ends of the earth through music, blog posts, keynote speeches, inspirational products and resources.

Her website was built to enable her share her music, videos and blog posts with her numerous clients all in one place.

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Rovitec Services

Rovitec Services is a sister company of TIGS Limited based in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. The company focuses on seismic and geo-based operations across Nigeria.

The website provides a simple yet interactive way by which clients can learn more about the company's operations within Nigeria.

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TIGS Limited

TIGS Limited is an engineering firm, providing oil & gas, drilling services and operations for various clients across Nigeria.

The website provides a simple yet interactive web platform where clients can see and learn more about the company's operations.

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